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About HubFinder

HubFinder is a tool designed to help decide which hub you should buy. It asks you a series of questions that will determine your preferences and attempt to match them to the available products. Try to answer each question honestly and remember that a perfect product does not exist. In fact, some of the hubs included in HubFinder are very hard to obtain - the simple reason being that they are inferior to the others.

This does not mean that those products have no place in any smart home, but based on our selected categories they are not optimal. If you have a ecosystem based requirement, such as already owning products by a manufacturer, the results of this quiz will likely not be the best. Ensure that the hub you plan to get supports any existing devices before buying!

While we have made every effort to make this tool the most accurate that it could possibly be, there may be situations where the recommendation is not optimal. Be sure to investigate your results before committing to purchasing anything, although your results should be inline with what you are expecting.