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The Ultimate No-Neutral Smart Switch Review - Which Is best?

Posted on 11th Aug 2022 21:15:51 in General, Review, Smart

We've discussed the problem of using smart switches in circuits that do not have a neutral wire in the past, but the solutions at the time were a bit underwhelming. You either had to put up with drawbacks like minimum load requirements or commit to hiring an electrician to rewire the light switch. While both of these solutions work, the experience is lacklustre when compared with the features of a regular smart switch that does require a neutral wire. In this article, we will be taking a hands-on look at three different products that solve the no-neutral problem, along with a regular smart switch for comparison purposes.

No neutral smart switch review

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5 of the Cheapest HomeKit Smart Switches

Posted on 25th Sep 2020 16:46:57 in General, Review, Smart

HomeKit is an excellent choice when it comes to smart home ecosystems. One of the common issues with anything involving Apple is the cost of using their products. Many HomeKit devices are indeed quite expensive, but that isn't the case for every available product. Here are 5 of the cheapest HomeKit compatible light switches and dimmers you can get!

5 of the cheapest HomeKit switches

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The Meross Smart Humidifier: Finally a True Smart Humidifier?

Posted on 30th Aug 2020 05:05:19 in General, Review, Smart

The Meross Smart Humidifier 320ML is an exciting product as it's both small and compact while also providing a broad set of "smart" features out of the box. In this review, we're going to take a look at some of this unit's strong points as well as some of its weaknesses. More importantly, though, we're going to see why this isn't really a humidifier and for who exactly this product was designed. 

Meross smart humidifier

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Should you buy an Amazon Echo Flex? - Full Review

Posted on 7th Aug 2020 17:05:56 in IoT, Review, Smart

Smart voice assistants are quite popular now. One of the big players in this industry is Amazon with its Echo line of products - most recently, the Echo Flex. What can it do? Does it respect your privacy? Is it worth it? Find out in this comprehensive review!

The Echo Flex Plugged in

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