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Manufacturing Custom PCBs And Prototypes With PCBWay

Posted on 8th Jul 2022 15:07:06 in DIY, General

Virtually every electronic device you can imagine contains a PCB. Although it was initially invented as early as 1936, PCBs are still the best and most reliable way of connecting electronic components in a circuit. The PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, on which electronic components are soldered on pads connected by conductive lines. It is still called printed, but the technology goes beyond the printing process, where multiple other steps are equally important. PCB manufacturing technology continues to evolve as requirements of miniaturization, reliability, and flexibility have become critical. Each PCB is an art piece, which has to work as designed and look good. PCBs can have different shapes, colors, base materials, and can even be flexible.

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How To Build A Smart Home Network - A Complete Guide

Posted on 14th Mar 2022 17:36:37 in DIY, General, Smart

As smart home technology keeps getting more sophisticated, the importance of having a good home network can not be overstated. Taking a quick look at what's available on the smart market, it becomes evident that the overwhelming majority of devices use WiFi. There are several reasons manufacturers keep moving in this direction, but the side effect is that traditional consumer-level networking equipment quickly becomes inadequate. This article is my complete guide to setting up your home network to best support your goal of an ever more intelligent home.

Smart home networking

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Home Assistant Remote Access - How To Make It More Secure

Posted on 28th Aug 2021 21:11:49 in DIY, Home Assistant, Tutorial

Home Assistant has transformed the world of do-it-yourself (DIY) home automation. Its compatibility with smart products is virtually unparalleled, as it offers a community-supported module for almost everything. Furthermore, in the rare situation where something doesn't already exist, creating the functionality yourself is surprisingly easy. If you haven't seen it, be sure to check out my article on setting up remote access with Home Assistant here before reading this one! This guide aims to demonstrate how you can increase the security of your remotely accessible control panel.

Securing remote Home Assistant control panel

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7 Awesome Tips for Keeping Your Smart Home Absolutely Tidy And Beautiful

Posted on 9th May 2021 18:40:58 in DIY, General, Smart

You're probably here because you want to build a smart home but are concerned about how they can mess with our aesthetics. Maybe you've already got a smart home and are looking for ways to keep it tidy. In either case, the concern is real because many devices have a look that doesn't quite fit with your existing decorations. While the extent to which you will keep everything hidden depends greatly on your ecosystem, most of these tips will work with all platforms.

Keeping a tidy smart home can be difficult with so many devices

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The Ultimate Guide to Kettles That Work With Smart Plugs

Posted on 5th Apr 2021 21:44:19 in DIY, General, Smart

Let's say you were fed up that your kettle didn't notify you when it was done or that you can't have it start boiling on a schedule so it can be ready in the morning. You might have seen our post on building a DIY smart kettle using only a smart plug, or maybe this thought occurred to you naturally. In either case, it's crucial that you use the right kettle for this purpose, or you could run into some serious problems. Here we will look over some kettles that will work perfectly for this purpose, along with gaining a deeper understanding of why we need specific models in the first place.

Kettles that work with smart plugs

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