How to Easily Make a Smart Kettle

Updated on 15th Sep 2020 14:12 in DIY, Home Assistant, IoT, Smart, Tutorial

A lot of people have kettles and wouldn't it be nice if it started boiling water for your morning tea automatically? While there exist many commercial kettles that offer integrated technology, they are often expensive and require replacing your existing device. Lucky for us there is an easy way to convert a regular kettle into a smart one using a cheap smart plug. Learn how to make a smart kettle out of a regular one using a smart plug!

How to make a smart kettle

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How Smart Devices can Protect your Home From Disaster

Updated on 31st Aug 2020 20:26 in Smart

One thing no one likes home and property damage. From water leaks to fires, many things can threaten the safety of your home. Protecting your home is one of the best uses of smart technology as they can continuously monitor different aspects of your property to detect any sign of trouble before it's too late. No one is immune to disasters, and so everyone should be looking for ways to reduce their risk. Find out how smart devices can protect you from water damage, smoke, and carbon monoxide!

Exit sign

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Can you Really Trust the Cloud for Smart Home Devices?

Updated on 31st Aug 2020 20:27 in IoT, Smart

Smart devices are everywhere, and a common concern is the security of it all. Now that WiFi cloud systems are readily available, and are probably the kind of device most people own, the question is, can you trust cloud-based devices? Does owning these devices expose you to hackers? Find out with this in-depth look at the security of cloud devices.

Smart cloud devices. Are they safe?

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How do Smart Home Devices Work?

Updated on 31st Aug 2020 20:27 in Smart

You may have heard the term "smart device" thrown around in many different contexts, TVs, refrigerators, light bulbs - but what is a smart device and how exactly do they work? There are a lot of different things marketed as "smart" these days, but we're going to be specifically looking at how smart home devices work. Find out what these devices are and how they work by taking a deep dive into this technology!

How do smart devices work?

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Should You use Smart Home Access Control?

Updated on 31st Aug 2020 20:28 in IoT, Smart

Smart homes allow all sorts of devices to be remotely controlled from timers, apps, and even other devices! One type of device that gets talked about less is smart home access control - things like door handles, deadbolts, or even non-intrusive designs. There are three basic types of commercially available smart locks, and we're going to go into each one to see what benefits they offer compared to other options.  We'll also investigate the security implications of using these devices in your home.

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