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How to Keep Your Smart Home Safe From Hackers

Posted on 22nd Nov 2020 17:56:08 in General, IoT, Smart

A smart home is really just the common term for a house that has a multitude of network-connected devices. They can talk to each other and automatically react to certain situations as you program them. As great as this technology is, there are certainly some problems that come along with the benefits. The biggest problem tends to be security, as the more connected a home is the more dangerous it is if an unauthorized entity gains access.


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3 Awesome Ways to Use a Smart Thermostat Entirely Offline

Posted on 17th Nov 2020 16:07:50 in General, IoT, Smart

WiFi thermostats seem to have taken over the smart climate control market completely, with every listing for "smart thermostat" involving a WiFi connection. There's a good reason for that: they have a lower barrier to entry as they use the existing wireless connection most people already have installed. Since WiFi is typically used primarily to provide a connection to the internet to connected devices, it's logical that they would need the internet to function. In reality, it's actually a bit more complicated than that - some do, and some don't.

WiFi Thermostat Without Internet

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4 Amazing Smart Power Strips You're Missing Out On

Posted on 14th Nov 2020 16:51:11 in General, Smart

When it comes to smart homes, the focus often comes back to being able to control the flow of electrical current from an AC socket, since most regular devices connect directly to power. They will then use a simple on/off switch to operate, which happens to be a great fit for automation as smart plugs can turn the power on and off while the switch stays on. Despite the focus on smart plugs, there is another, less popular option as well: smart power strips.

Power strips

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5 Ways to Extend HomeKit's Bluetooth Range On The Cheap

Posted on 12th Nov 2020 17:04:18 in General, Smart

One of the more interesting features of HomeKit is its ability to control devices either over WiFi or Bluetooth. While people will rarely have problems using the WiFi option, Bluetooth tends to suffer from a bit of a range problem. This is by no means restricted only to HomeKit, but if you are trying to set up a smart home with Bluetooth devices, there will certainly be frustration when the signal doesn't reach your desired location. Here are a few ways you can extend the Bluetooth range of HomeKit!

Extending HomeKit's Bluetooth range can be easy!

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3 HomeKit Compatible Security Systems You Need to Know About

Posted on 10th Nov 2020 16:07:09 in DIY, General, Smart

Home security and alarm systems have been closely related since they were invented. In the context of a smart home, it would be nice to integrate the sensors and alarm state into a controller, such as HomeKit. Traditionally, the commercial alarm industry has been dominated by propriety systems that require monitoring to work. Luckily, more recently, companies have started building systems that integrate with other existing technology to create an integrated home.

HomeKit compatible security systems

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