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Can you Really Trust the Cloud for Smart Home Devices?

Posted on 31st Jul 2020 02:57:40 in IoT, Smart

Smart devices are everywhere, and a common concern is the security of it all. Now that WiFi cloud systems are readily available, and are probably the kind of device most people own, the question is, can you trust cloud-based devices? Does owning these devices expose you to hackers? Find out with this in-depth look at the security of cloud devices.

Smart cloud devices. Are they safe?

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How do Smart Home Devices Work?

Posted on 29th Jul 2020 01:26:49 in Smart

You may have heard the term "smart device" thrown around in many different contexts, TVs, refrigerators, light bulbs - but what is a smart device and how exactly do they work? There are a lot of different things marketed as "smart" these days, but we're going to be specifically looking at how smart home devices work. Find out what these devices are and how they work by taking a deep dive into this technology!

How do smart devices work?

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Should You use Smart Home Access Control?

Posted on 27th Jul 2020 20:54:44 in IoT, Smart

Smart homes allow all sorts of devices to be remotely controlled from timers, apps, and even other devices! One type of device that gets talked about less is smart home access control - things like door handles, deadbolts, or even non-intrusive designs. There are three basic types of commercially available smart locks, and we're going to go into each one to see what benefits they offer compared to other options.  We'll also investigate the security implications of using these devices in your home.

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What are the Types of Smart Bulbs?

Posted on 26th Jul 2020 04:26:45 in General, Smart

Smart bulbs are a fascinating purchase that can make your home feel a lot interesting. One of the things that make buying these bulbs is the sheer amount of products available on the market. A quick search on Amazon returned thousands of results, and they all kind of look the same. So how do you know which one to pick? Today we're going to talk about the types of smart bulbs that are available and why someone might pick each one.

Incandescent bulbs

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What are the Best Platforms for DIY IoT and Smart Devices?

Posted on 24th Jul 2020 21:48:51 in DIY, IoT, Smart

If you like to do things your self, it's possible you've thought of creating a smart or Internet of Things (IoT) device that responds to your specific needs. While there exist many commercial options that have come down in cost significantly in the last few years, there are cases where none of these will work well enough for what you need. Sometimes you might also just want to have some fun and build the solution your self, after all, that's what DIY is all about. Find out what IoT platforms are available and which one is best.

ESP8266 with an Arduino clone

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