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HomeKit Presence Detection: Why You Might Want To Check It Out

Posted on 14th Jun 2021 00:49:28 in General, Smart

Presence detection is commonly used in smart homes to identify who is currently at home. At first glance, this information might seem cool but have a limited number of practical use. In reality, this feature allows you to create some seriously awesome automations that help you save a ton of time. For example, you can configure your smart home to turn off the lights and make sure all the doors are locked once you leave the house.

HomeKit presence detection is useful for many reasons

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5 Important Reasons Why Zigbee Needs To Be Part Of Your Smart Home

Posted on 6th Jun 2021 18:45:37 in General, IoT, Smart

You may have heard about Zigbee before either from your own experience with it or from a product description that mentions its compatibility with supported smart devices. In many ways, Zigbee is quite similar to the other popular smart home mesh protocol, Z-Wave. They both use devices on the network to form a mesh for point to point communication, they are both wireless protocols that require special hardware, and they are both extremely convenient. Imagine wiring every smart device in your home to a central controller. It would be a total nightmare - which is why wireless communication shines. Despite the similarities to WiFi, these wireless protocols differ in several key areas, most notably the radio frequency they use.

Facts about using Zigbee for your smart home

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Smart Home Gifting Guide: What To Buy And Why They Are Better

Posted on 24th May 2021 00:10:53 in General, Smart

Every time the holidays roll around, everyone turns to the good old tradition of giving. Indeed, receiving a gift can be one of the best feelings in the world, especially if it's from someone special. However, a common problem is deciding what to give when you aren't necessarily that familiar with their interests. If that happens to be anything smart home related, you are in the right place! Luckily, smart homes are actually a simple gift due to the large number of available products. Anything from voice assistants to smart plugs can be great gifts!

The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Gifts

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Smart Bulbs: Should You Be Using Them Outside? Probably Not

Posted on 16th May 2021 22:13:50 in General, IoT, Smart

It's almost a universal fact that lighting is all around houses - both inside and out. We quite like being able to see, so that's totally understandable! The process is rather simple with indoor fixtures but can quickly become complicated when dealing with the great outdoors. Water, snow, the sun, animals, and insects are just a few of the things you have to consider before putting a smart bulb outside. Should you really be using them outside at all, though? It actually depends - it's probably fine, but you need to take several precautions regardless.

An outdoor light fixture with a light bulb

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7 Awesome Tips for Keeping Your Smart Home Absolutely Tidy And Beautiful

Posted on 9th May 2021 18:40:58 in DIY, General, Smart

You're probably here because you want to build a smart home but are concerned about how they can mess with our aesthetics. Maybe you've already got a smart home and are looking for ways to keep it tidy. In either case, the concern is real because many devices have a look that doesn't quite fit with your existing decorations. While the extent to which you will keep everything hidden depends greatly on your ecosystem, most of these tips will work with all platforms.

Keeping a tidy smart home can be difficult with so many devices

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