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9 Powerful Advantages of Home Automation You Don't Want to Miss

Posted on 23rd Sep 2020 19:26:03 in General, Smart

With big companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple pushing hard into the realm of home automation, many may be wondering what the advantages of such a system are. As there are so many different systems, it would be impossible to list every benefit of every system, so here are 9 advantages of home automation that apply across the board.

The advantages of automation

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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Open Source Home Automation

Posted on 20th Sep 2020 22:34:09 in General, Smart

With so many different plug and play options, why would anyone want to put with all the extra effort required with an open-source home automation controller? Well, one reason is that you can customize it however you like. Another is the ability to see precisely what the software is doing, relieving any privacy concerns. Here we're going to look into some of the reasons you might want to use an open-source home automation system and some of the reasons you might want to pass on it.

Why use open source home automation?

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How to Pick a Smart Hub In Under 5 Minutes Using HubFinder

Posted on 10th Sep 2020 03:00:25 in General, Smart

Picking a smart hub can be difficult, with so many options, different protocols, and brands, how can you possibly choose? It is for this reason that we have built a tool to assist in deciding which hub is right for you based on a variety of factors that we will discuss in this post. Check out HubFinder using the tools menu at the top of your browser today! Learn all about the factors used to pick a hub here.

HubFinder, a new tool to help you find out which hub is right for you

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How to Easily Connect Siri to Home Assistant

Posted on 7th Sep 2020 13:31:47 in DIY, Smart, Tutorial

As with most things, Apple has its own protocol for smart homes. Personally, I do not find any of the current hub offerings to be worth purchasing, which is unfortunate because the software is pretty well designed. The Home app on both the Mac and the iPhone are super well integrated with Siri and other Apple services, so it would be really great to be able to connect it to your existing smart home. Lucky for us, with Home Assistant it really is super easy to get your Home Assistant devices into the Home app.

Hey Siri, how do I connect you to Home Assistant?

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One of the Most Useful Sensors you Probably Aren't Using

Posted on 6th Sep 2020 16:28:27 in Smart

Door sensors are some of the most common types of sensor in the home. They are often used to trigger an alarm system as they will detect when a door has been opened, allowing the alarm to understand the potentially bad situation that is playing out. These sensors can be used for much more than just alarm systems though, find out how smart door sensors can make your home smarter here!

Smart door sensor

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