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Is Z-Wave Dead? 3 Reasons Why It's Not

Posted on 30th Sep 2020 02:55:36 in IoT, Smart

Historically, Z-Wave has been one of the major players in the smart home industry, but with the rise of WiFi products, many may wonder: is Z-Wave is dead? The short answer is no. A longer answer is that there are many contributing factors to the stability of Z-Wave in the smart market, most of them have to do with power consumption, certification, and network configuration. What the surge in protocol options means for you is that it is more important than ever to carefully analyze each technology to select the best one for your smart home.

Is Z-Wave Dead? No!

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Top 5 Most Expensive Smart Home Devices That Are Actually Useful

Posted on 29th Sep 2020 01:41:42 in General, Smart

Usually, when looking for smart devices, we look for the best bang for the buck deal available. It isn't unusual to find options that cost anywhere in the range of 10$ - 100$, depending on what kind of device it is. However, this is a list of some of the most expensive smart home devices that are available right now, along with a few reasons you might actually consider getting them. 

Most expensive IoT and Smart devices

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No Neutral Wire? Top 3 Solutions for Smart Lighting

Posted on 27th Sep 2020 22:38:30 in General, Smart

There is often a lot of confusion over the neutral wire within smart homes. This is because many devices, especially smart light switches, require a neutral wire to function correctly. However, when homeowners remove the light switch, there is no neutral wire in the box! What gives? Is there any way to install a smart switch despite this? Yes, but it involves some planning and careful consideration.

A switch with no neutral

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3 Awesome Ways to Add Non Supported Devices to HomeKit

Posted on 26th Sep 2020 16:09:29 in General, Smart

HomeKit is an excellent way to implement an offline smart home without needing to get too much into the technical details. With many different technologies on the market, many may wonder if they can work together. Can HomeKit control Alexa? Unfortunately, no. There is no way to control Alexa from any external source as is, only the other way around with Alexa controlling other devices.

Does HomeKit work with Ring?

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5 of the Cheapest HomeKit Smart Switches

Posted on 25th Sep 2020 16:46:57 in General, Review, Smart

HomeKit is an excellent choice when it comes to smart home ecosystems. One of the common issues with anything involving Apple is the cost of using their products. Many HomeKit devices are indeed quite expensive, but that isn't the case for every available product. Here are 5 of the cheapest HomeKit compatible light switches and dimmers you can get!

5 of the cheapest HomeKit switches

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