The ESP Is Better Than The Arduino For Smart Home DIY

Updated on 8th Dec 2020 16:43 in DIY, IoT, Smart

When we are building smart devices ourselves, either to reduce cost or to customize the installation, there are a lot of choices to be made in terms of which components should be used. The most important component to projects in the smart home industry is arguably the microcontroller, which is responsible for keeping everything moving along smoothly. Many will immediately think of board such as the Arduino, while others might be thinking of the ESP8266 or ESP32. Which board should you use to build your DIY project?

Arduino vs ESP, which is better for smart homes?

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Hub-Based Smart Bulbs Are Better And This Is Why

Updated on 5th Dec 2020 23:22 in General, Smart

Smart bulbs come in all shapes and sizes, with one of those being with a hub or without. The distinction is a bit more particular here when compared to any other smart device since many manufacturers use a proprietary protocol. That means that anyone looking to use their smart bulbs will need to continue buying products from the same vendor. Despite that, there are many advantages to using a smart bulb hub, and we will quickly see why they can be superior to their hubless counterparts.

Smart bulb hubs

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4 Simple Ways to Setup Smart Home Presence Detection

Updated on 3rd Dec 2020 16:18 in General, Home Assistant, Smart

Smart homes have many various features that work together to create a better living experience. Wouldn't it be amazing if your home could greet you as you arrived with any action you desired? This is possible with presence detection, which helps identify who is home and who isn't. What actually is presence detection? How does it work? Why is it important? How can it be used? These are all questions we will answer in this post.

Smart presence detection

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The Ultimate Guide to Smart Home Tools

Updated on 1st Dec 2020 16:42 in DIY, General, Smart

Smart homes will inevitably include some amount of DIY work here and there - especially as it is uneconomical to call a professional every time a small change needs to be made. One thing most smart home owners are not prepared for is the number of tools required to do a good job. There aren't too many, but trying to complete certain projects without them will be challenging to put it lightly. Here is a list of the most important tools when building a smart home!

Smart Home Tools

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3 Simple Ways To Extend Zigbee Range

Updated on 26th Nov 2020 16:51 in General, Smart

Zigbee is a protocol that has gained a foothold in the smart home market with products like the Amazon Echo, relying on it to function at all. As with any wireless system, there is a maximum range in which the signal will be able to travel. Anything further away will not be connected to the network and hence not be controlled. How do you extend the range? Maybe use a Zigbee range extender? Do those even exist? Let's find out how regular devices can be used to extend Zigbee's range!

Zigbee Range Extenders

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