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How to Use HomeKit With Home Assistant in 3 Easy Steps

Posted on 26th Dec 2020 23:19:53 in General, Home Assistant, Smart

Home Assistant is a truly amazing platform for fully customizable home automation with support for virtually everything you could ever possibly want to integrate. The only thing you can't integrate is usually a product that doesn't have any API or known communication protocol. Even then, there are often hacks available that allow integration despite the restrictions. Apple's HomeKit ecosystem is also quite amazing due to its tight integration with Siri and iOS. It would be great to integrate both Home Assistant and HomeKit together as they both offer their own awesome features and luckily, that's possible! Let's take a look at how we can link them together!

The HomePod is great with Home Assistant

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4 Simple Ways to Setup Smart Home Presence Detection

Posted on 3rd Dec 2020 16:18:39 in General, Home Assistant, Smart

Smart homes have many various features that work together to create a better living experience. Wouldn't it be amazing if your home could greet you as you arrived with any action you desired? This is possible with presence detection, which helps identify who is home and who isn't. What actually is presence detection? How does it work? Why is it important? How can it be used? These are all questions we will answer in this post.

Smart presence detection

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How to Use NFC Tags As Powerful Home Automation Sensors

Posted on 20th Nov 2020 17:03:40 in Home Assistant, Smart, Tutorial

Smart homes often include little quality of life improvements such as automatically turning off the lights after everyone has left a room or reminding you of certain things. A challenge regularly faced by homeowners is the method of detection for determining that a certain situation has occurred. Sensors provide good feedback but are often hard to get in the right place or are simply too difficult to install in a certain location. Enter NFC, a technology that can embed an action into a sticker that can be placed anywhere!

An NFC tag

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How to Gift A Smart Home For Under 100$

Posted on 24th Oct 2020 16:20:07 in Home Assistant, Smart, Tutorial

Smart home technology is undoubtedly really awesome, but it is also not the easiest thing to get into. It would be pretty great to give the gift of a smart home to someone, but how is that possible without breaking the bank? Usually, getting started with anything smart-related requires purchasing an expensive hub and buying multiple smart devices that will also not be cheap. In this guide, we will demonstrate a great way to give the gift of a smart home to someone you care about for only about 100$!

Gifting a smart home can be wonderful

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How to Build an RGB LED Strip Controller Easily

Posted on 20th Oct 2020 19:51:43 in DIY, Home Assistant, Tutorial

Colour-changing RGB strips are fun! While there is nothing wrong with buying a commercial kit, I found that they were quite expensive for what I wanted to do. Here we are going to use WS2812B LEDs in a strip to achieve individually addressable RGB lighting. All that just means that we can tell any LED on the strip to do something different than the rest, which is really cool for effects! Let's see how to build our own controller so we can control them from Home Assistant!

The DIY RGB LED strip controller!

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