Smart Bulbs: Should You Be Using Them Outside? Probably Not

Updated on 17th May 2021 03:43 in General, IoT, Smart

It's almost a universal fact that lighting is all around houses - both inside and out. We quite like being able to see, so that's totally understandable! The process is rather simple with indoor fixtures but can quickly become complicated when dealing with the great outdoors. Water, snow, the sun, animals, and insects are just a few of the things you have to consider before putting a smart bulb outside. Should you really be using them outside at all, though? It actually depends - it's probably fine, but you need to take several precautions regardless.

An outdoor light fixture with a light bulb

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7 Awesome Tips for Keeping Your Smart Home Absolutely Tidy And Beautiful

Updated on 9th May 2021 18:40 in DIY, General, Smart

You're probably here because you want to build a smart home but are concerned about how they can mess with our aesthetics. Maybe you've already got a smart home and are looking for ways to keep it tidy. In either case, the concern is real because many devices have a look that doesn't quite fit with your existing decorations. While the extent to which you will keep everything hidden depends greatly on your ecosystem, most of these tips will work with all platforms.

Keeping a tidy smart home can be difficult with so many devices

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The 3 Most Common Smart Home Privacy Concerns - Solved!

Updated on 2nd May 2021 17:47 in General, Smart

There was a time when technology like the internet or smartphones were new and exciting, leading people to give little thought to their privacy. Since then, the landscape has changed, though, resulting in a world where services are provided for free in exchange for valuable personal information. In many ways, this practice has become widely accepted and is already present in most of our lives. Your next question is likely about smart home technology and if they are also involved with this practice. The short answer is maybe, but it depends on what kind of devices you buy.

Smart Home Privacy Concerns

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Smart Home Safer

Updated on 25th Apr 2021 16:55 in General, IoT, Smart

If you are thinking of building a smart home or even if you already have one, you might want to consider improving its safety. In many cases, this is actually easier than it seems, as most common problems are trivial to fix. Safety really is the number one priority as making a mistake with a critical device such as a smoke detector could be fatal. We're going to take a look at 5 simple ways to make your smart home safer, ranging from checking your passwords to optimizing your device selection.

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Smart Home Safer

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The Top 4 Best Home Automation Software For Windows

Updated on 18th Apr 2021 17:07 in General, Smart

You may have seen our Ultimate Guide to Home Automation Software and been wondering what you can run on Windows. You may also simply be looking for home automation software that runs on Windows. Either way, most of the software presented in our guide is optimized to run on Linux. That means they will either be difficult to install or will refuse to work at all under Windows. In this article, we will take a look at home automation software that is compatible with Microsoft Windows.

4 Awesome Automation Software for Windows

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