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What Does No Smart Hub Required Really Mean?

Posted on 1st Nov 2020 18:06:14 in General, Smart

You may have seen it before on the packaging of an interesting, smart device you wanted to get: "No hub required". What does not hub required mean though? Quite simply, it means that the device does not require a smart hub to operate. There's a lot more to consider when deciding what kind of products you will be using in your smart home though, such as how they make it work without a hub or if hubless is even a good thing.

What does no hub mean?

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The 4 Best HomeKit Hubs You Need To Get

Posted on 30th Oct 2020 17:01:08 in General, Smart

HomeKit is a great ecosystem that values your privacy by limiting the number of external communications, opting to use your local network for all device commands. At first, there weren't too many options for those looking to implement a HomeKit smart home, making the choice fairly straight forwards. That isn't the case anymore and picking which hub you want to use isn't always an obvious task. Let's see what the best HomeKit hub is for a few different situations.

The Best HomeKit Hub

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The Ultimate Guide To Home Automation Software

Posted on 26th Oct 2020 17:55:42 in General, Smart

Home automation is quite common commercially these days. Big companies such as Amazon and Google have products that are the entire experience in one neat little package. While offers like these are very tempting due to their availability and constant media attention, there are countless alternatives when it comes to automation software. Here is my list of the best home automation software, along with my recommendations for which you should pick. 

Automation software

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How to Gift A Smart Home For Under 100$

Posted on 24th Oct 2020 16:20:07 in Home Assistant, Smart, Tutorial

Smart home technology is undoubtedly really awesome, but it is also not the easiest thing to get into. It would be pretty great to give the gift of a smart home to someone, but how is that possible without breaking the bank? Usually, getting started with anything smart-related requires purchasing an expensive hub and buying multiple smart devices that will also not be cheap. In this guide, we will demonstrate a great way to give the gift of a smart home to someone you care about for only about 100$!

Gifting a smart home can be wonderful

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How to Make Normal Lamps Smart Effortlessly

Posted on 22nd Oct 2020 16:03:58 in General, IoT, Smart

Smart bulbs are a common way of bringing enhanced control to any area in the home without breaking the bank. By including a small circuit board within the base of the bulb, they are able to wirelessly communicate with a controller such as a phone or a hub. They report their state back to the controller and accept commands, such as increasing the brightness or turning off. The convenience of simply screwing in the device makes it immensely popular and a common question is: do smart bulbs work in lamps? The answer is mostly yes.

A lamp

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